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The 9th Norfolk District is more than a place that my family calls home; it is home to so many great people and families that deserve to have their voices heard in the rooms where decisions are being made on behalf of all of us across the district—on Beacon Hill.

Our local schools are facing budget constraints that require immediate attention to ensure that our schools can continue to offer the quality education that attracted families to our district in the first place, critical local aid commitments are not being met, the mental health crisis continues to grow, and the new affordable housing requirements for MBTA and MBTA-adjacent communities will require planning and zoning expertise to execute in a way that not only provides additional housing options, while also meeting the needs of the small business community.

Watching our district fall behind is unacceptable to me. We need a State Representative who will take this work seriously. We need someone whose sole focus is working full-time on the issues that affect those in our collective home—the 9th Norfolk District.

Let’s move this district forward—together.

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