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Norfolk select board wins bet over Super Bowl game but still helps pantry

NORFOLK — Local select board members have proven themselves to be good sports this holiday season.

The three members of the board made a friendly wager with the three members of the Marshfield Select Board over who would win Thursday night’s Super Bowl contest between King Philip Regional High School and Marshfield High. The board whose team lost had to donate $100 to the other’s local food pantry.

The Warriors ended up routing Marshfield, 42-14, in a game played at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. It clinched King Philip’s third title in six Super Bowl games. However, Norfolk board members at the last minute changed the bet.

“The Norfolk Select Board will be making a donation to the Marshfield Food Pantry despite the outcome of the game last night,” board member Kevin Kalkut said Friday. “The services that the Marshfield Food Pantry and the Norfolk Food Pantry provide our communities is invaluable and even more strained during the holiday season,” Kalkut said. He also asked area residents to “please consider supporting your own local food pantry to help ease concerns of food insecurity for our neighbors.” The other two Norfolk board members are Jim Lehan and Anita Mecklenburg. “It’s so great to see leaders of the towns having fun with this great sports achievement while also showing that they are focused on the people in their community who could use some additional financial support this holiday season,” Norfolk resident Melissa Meo said on social media.

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