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Norfolk Select Board Guiding Principles

The Select Board, on behalf of the Town of Norfolk, holds that the following principles inform the Town's approach to governance and municipal services. These guiding principles embody our highest aspirations for the delivery of services within the Town and inform our annual goals and objectives.


Collaboration: We believe in working collaboratively to address community needs, solve problems, and provide direction for the Town's future equitably.


Efficiency: We believe in ensuring that government work is done as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.


Excellence: We believe in striving for excellence and providing the highest quality of services possible to ensure the community's safety, education, and well-being.


Diversity: We believe that diversity makes Norfolk a stronger organization and a more welcome place.


Innovation: We believe in exploring ways to be innovative to provide better services.


Transparency: We believe in transparency and working inclusively to ensure that we are responsive and provide transparent governance.

Norfolk Select Board Top 3 Goals FY2022/2023

Community Enagement

The Norfolk Select Board develops goals and objectives to prioritize the Select Board's efforts and provide guidance to the Town Administrator, Department Heads, and other community stakeholders over the fiscal year.

Administration & Finance

Explore opportunities to improve the Town's capacity to make better decisions, collaborate more effectively, and implement appropriate recommendations to improve policies and procedures.


1. Review and update Human Resource policies and explore the development of a personnel bylaw for the next Annual Town Meeting.


2. Explore the possibility of hiring a grant writer to assist the Town in pursuing additional grant funds and secure $150,000 in grant funding


3. Provide Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training to employees, and seek grant funding and collaboration to further DEI efforts.


4. Develop a long-range forecast (five-year), seek to develop further financial policies, and strengthen the Town's financial position.


5. Develop a Digital Budget Book and launch a Transparency Center on our website to provide more information to residents about the budget, and improve forecasting capabilities.

Community Engagement

Explore new and enhanced efforts to engage community members to increase community participation and provide for more community interaction.


1. Hire a municipal public relations firm to improve communication with the community.


2. Review Town social media policies and increase the Town's presence on social media platforms.


3. Explore the development of a Town Newsletter that provides updates to the community about important issues and provides updates.


4. Partner with NCTV and Boards and Commissions to explore additional ways the Town can continue to provide hybrid remote and in-person meetings.


5. Host a budget listening forum to get community input on Town budgetary needs to inform the development of the operating and capital budget.

Strategic Planning

Explore and develop proactive, transparent, and inclusive Town planning processes that provide responsible growth opportunities and a clear strategic plan for Norfolk's future.


1. Effectively engage with and support the update to the Town Master Plan by working with the Planning Board, Town meeting members, and community stakeholders.


2. Continue efforts to engage with the community and the developer to develop a strategy regarding development options for the Southwood Hospital property.


3. Collaborate with the Energy Committee to develop a proposal to implement a Municipal Aggregation program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide cost savings to the community.


4. Evaluate the Town's Housing needs with acceptance of a Housing Production Plan and work to increase the production of quality affordable housing that meets the 10% subsidized housing inventory threshold for safe harbor.


5. Develop a How to Do Business in Norfolk Guide and explore other areas to promote smart growth and economic development opportunities.

Strategic Planning
Mental Health
Local Support
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