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Meet Kevin

If there was only one thing you could learn about Kevin, it would be how much of his perspective is driven by his family. He is the lucky husband to Erica and the proud father to Colin (10), Ryan (7), and Owen (4). We also can't forget the three dogs (Artie, Zoey, and new puppy Sadie!), two guinea pigs (Rex & Dino), and one horse (Jordan). In his free time, Kevin enjoys staying active playing basketball, softball, and golf. To balance out all of that activity, you'll also find him tending to a brisket or two on the smoker. 

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Meet Kevin: Bio

His career began in the hospitality industry, managing some of the largest hotel food and beverage operations in the country. It was in these various roles that he developed "A Servant's Heart," which would come to be the foundation for his approach to public service down the road. 

Upon moving to Norfolk, he was interested in some of the short- and long-term planning initiatives set forth by the town, so he ran for his first elected position on the Planning Board in 2017. It was there that he sought to bring a balance between private rights and public good as well as increased engagement within the community. 


Meet Kevin: Bio

As time went on, it became clear that many of the broader initiatives for progresswithin the community rested with another board and Kevin embraced the opportunity to run for the Select Board in 2018. It was in this role that he carried with him the level of community outreach and transparent engagement that proved so successful on the Planning Board. He added his experience in collaborative project management to assist with the various open items before the town.

In his second year on the Select Board, he was elected as Chair and, with the support of the Board, reshaped the manner in which the public could engage with the body. Through the addition of Public Comment in meetings, defined Office Hours, and more of an online presence within the community, connecting the public to local government was Kevin's priority. 


In his third year, he was once again elected as Chair and sought to build on the progress the Board made as it related to public inclusion and community alignment. Between a comprehensive initiative to proactively adjust zoning in Town Center to stay ahead of development requirements and the institution of a monthly cable show to further keep the public updated, Norfolk felt like it was on a solid track. As such, the Town re-elected Kevin, uncontested, for his second term in May of 2021.

Most recently, Kevin was appointed by the Board to represent the town on the Norfolk County Advisory Board. This important role offered the opportunity to leverage experience in municipal budget management and focus on the county disbursement of the federal American Rescue Plan relief funding. 

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